Medicinal Summer Plants Walk: June 10, 9am-1pm, Hidden Villa, Fee: $35
The workshop will cover: properties of summer seasonal herbal medicine, introduction to Five Element Theory, herb identification and more

Ethnic Traditional Massage Techniques series

9AM-1PM (lunch is included) location: Subud House, Palo Alto; Fee; $125 individual sessions, $300 for all three. Previous experience is, although helpful, not necessary. Emphasis is given to the techniques that one could acquire quickly and practice safely at home.

Siberian Honey Massage: Workshop 1. June 22nd. Renew, restore, utilize the summer energy of the Sun and flower essence with highly medicinal properties of honey; 

Gua- Sha, Asian Scraping Massage: Workshop 2. July 13th. Used to treat pain, stagnation, restriction of the movement, coldness and weakness. My teacher's Gua- Sha website: http://www.guasha.com/whatis.html;

Ecuadorian Cacao Massage: Workshop 3. July 27th. Fragrant massage used to calm the mind, inspire senses, as well as to prevent malignant or other degenerative diseases. My teacher's  website: http://www.herbfestuk.co.uk/?speakers=view&id=9

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